Photo-essay Update on Work Along 2nd Street to Valle de Oro NWR

In case you haven’t had the chance or don’t often make it down to the new and exciting Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge happenings along 2nd St. in the deep South Valley, here’s a look at the goings-on. The multi-million dollar project already pleasantly reflects the kind of amenities befitting your federal dollars in action.

Here’s the stretch of 2nd Street from Rio Bravo Blvd (NM-500) running south to Valle de Oro. We’ve shown in red the multi-use path segment already in place, via County dollars, from Prosperity Avenue to the South Diversion Channel:

2nd street to vdo
The multi-use path runs on the railroad track, east, side of 2nd Street, at least in this section
vdo poles
A bit south of the Diversion Channel, work is almost finished, with pavement laid and poles ready for the remarkably sturdy fencing obviously required by the train company. It is interesting to consider what percentage of the multi-million dollar project went to this train track fencing.

One associated feature of the project is AMAFCA’s work in providing a lovely flood control acequia along the road, multi-use path, and drain running south toward the Wildlife Refuge. Looking closely, you’ll see that the multi-use path could use some physical separation from 2nd Street, and that might be still in the offing:

vdo crossing south diversion channel gap
Here’s a look at that remarkable train track fencing and at one of the remaining gaps in the project at present. Here at South Diversion Channel there’s no multi-use path bridge, at least presently.
vdo gap 1
We pick pavement back up south of the Diversion Channel and this new butter-smooth pavement runs pretty much all the way to Desert Rd. a half-mile or so south.


vdo gap 2
As mentioned, there are still gaps and work is not completed. It’s getting there, though.
vdo cycle track
Valle de Oro itself has a cycle track! That’s an old cow barn background left which is being renovated as part of the project. Both track and adjacent roadway end a bit further along here.
bosque path chavez loop vdo
In case you haven’t had the chance to travel the Bosque Path quite this far south, the arrow indicates how one can continue south of Rio Bravo on the Path around to 2nd Street, and on to Valle de Oro. Check it out! Also note that work is being done between Prosperity and Rio Bravo to provide multi-use path access as well.




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