End Your Work Week with Globalquerque!

BB’s work this week has been a combination of behind-the-scenes non-motorized transportation complaining advocacy and heavy J-O-B, making for zip content here. My free time has been quite scant and largely consumed with contemplating the following vital Burque question:

*Do I attend Globalquerque! Friday or Saturday night?

After sufficient time procrastinating about writing work studying the Globalquerque schedule, I have decided on Saturday night. Here’s the band that clinched my choice of days (there’s also at least one other accordion-based band tomorrow, and you can’t have too many accordions [or clarinets]!):


Have a great weekend, everybody! Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow night. I’ll be the white-haired guy mesmerized by that accordion (with clarinet!) sound.



*Yes, I could attend both nights, but you have no idea how cheapskate frugal I am.



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