NM Statewide Bike Plan Comments Due by November 8th

Many of us received an email yesterday heralding the latest draft of the State’s very first ever proposed bike plan. Perhaps you, too, are avoiding other political matters this morning by reading it. For now, just beginning to digest the draft plan’s contents ourselves, let’s primarily just link to the draft plan and info page on where to send comments.

We’ll also add just a whiff of enticement by taking what might be the single most important page from the proposed plan’s approximately 200 pages. Here is an explanation of the plan’s placing of all NM state roads into “tiers.”


bike plan priorities

Fraught with budgetary and other impact, the page above alone should fill up most of a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting morning. Reading the entire plan is encouraged and will be discussed here at BB in the near future as we note the November 8th due date for comments.

For now, we’re still digesting. There’s much to chew upon here.

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