Tactical Urbanism: Creating Physical Buffers on Zuni Bike Lane

The Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT) rode up Zuni Blvd. yesterday unaware that there is road construction of some sort going on in “Trumbull Village.” Evidently that weekday construction means that the eastbound bike lane needs to be closed, weekends included.

zuni closed
Zuni at Mesilla


No, and thanks for asking, there didn’t appear to have been any actual roadwork on Zuni, its southside bike lane, or anywhere nearby. Still, orange barrels were placed in the bike lane causing this:

orange barrel block
Unidentified cyclist swerving toward the gutter to avoid an orange barrel

Orange barrels were haphazardly placed to various points of constraint for several blocks. No matter. A bit of moving about by the BBTUT (by the way, those orange barrels don’t weigh that much) and voila!, a physically protected, if somewhat narrower bike lane:

orange barrels fixed sorta
The moral dilemma was how far to move the barrels. BBTUT decided that the base should still extend no further than the bike lane striping. Your moral outcomes may vary. 


The idea is that eventually HSC on the orange barrel above (Highway Supply Company) will get the idea and make sure ALL lanes, bike included, are not constrained when work is suspended (e.g., a weekend) AND that ALL lanes are only constrained when absolutely necessary.

It certainly appeared that no bike lane closure is actually needed for the roadwork being done in “Trumbull Village.” Any BB readers able to make the trip up Zuni to check on a weekday are encouraged to report their findings.

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