Deaths of Those Walking NM Roads Reach Double Digits in September

After somewhat slowing in August, the rate of those killed trying to walk in/near New Mexico roadways shot back to record levels in September.

tru september 2018 overall

The Land of Enchantment is now again on pace for an all-time annual record number (~81) of pedestrian fatalities, surpassing the 79 killed last year. A review of statistics in the past several years shows that years 2014-2018 have one or two months with such deaths in the double digits. None of the years 2010-2013 do.

Also noteworthy is that these months of double digit death have all been August-November. October has been particularly grim in this regard. Here’s hoping 2018 is an exception. The unmistakable trends, both locally and nationally, make such hopes seem unlikely to be realized.

Stay safe out there, everybody.


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