Illegal Driving/Stopping: Take Your Pick

vehicles bike lane sidewalk
Washington northbound just prior to Constitution at the top of the hill

Where does your eye go first in the photo above? Is it:

  1. The truck parked in the bike lane?
  2. The red car parked blocking the sidewalk?
  3. The white car creeping over into the oncoming bike lane?

There was a large wedding or similar gathering taking place around the corner. I’m sure the drivers of the parked vehicle were not malicious in their thinking; they just “had” to get to the wedding/party. We’ll go with “thoughtless.”  Yes, also illegal, but so too “thoughtless.”

As for the driver of the white car, “thoughtless” doesn’t quite capture it. Let’s go with “mindless.”

Stay safe out there, everybody, and watch what you’re doing. People, actual humans, are getting killed. You wouldn’t want to mindlessly, thoughtlessly cause something like that, would you? I didn’t think so.


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