City “Resolves,” “Archives” but Doesn’t Fix Weed Problem on Tingley SW

See these weeds along Tingley SW as it curves west and north across from a Bosque Path parking lot? Here’s a labeled satellite view if you’re not familiar:

tingley sw
Click on photo if you can’t make out the streets/landmarks

After first having our cycling view blocked on Tingley SW by the big weeds, thus making it hard/impossible to see southbound cars, Better Burque made a 311/SeeClickFix report.

That report was designated “closed” by 311/SCF several times, reopened to clarify what “closed” actually means. The last “closed” happened on September 30th, shortly followed by “archive” status, which means you can’t reopen or comment.

tingley archived

Now, over a month later, Better Burque had the chance to revisit Tingley SW last night and guess what it looked like?

View, or lack of it, from Tingley SW just before the curve west and north

Exactly like the photos above, except that it was dark. Because it was night.

More perspicacious readers out there might note that it being dark is a good thing, because one would see the headlights of the cars/drivers over the tall weeds better than in daylight

Yes, but the point is actually that the weeds are still there. Over a month later. “Closed” and “archived” or not.

Have a good weekend, everybody. Hope you have to chance to see these weeds up close as you walk, scooter, jog, run or cycle up and down the Bosque Path along Tingley SW. Actually, I hope you don’t have a chance to do so, because they are cut down, but I’d put the odds on that happening at around 1,000,000,000 to 1.



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