Work Continues on Valle de Oro NWR Road/Trail Improvements

A Sunday country bike ride this morning by the Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT) had us again head south to catch up on how things are progressing with the multi-million dollar Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge road/trail improvements done in coordination between Feds and BernCo. Here’s how it looks as of earlier today.

sd bridge almost done
New bridge over the South Diversion Channel straddles between 2nd Street and the railroad tracks


sd bridge detail
We don’t know if the steel will be painted and the road surface is obviously still being constructed, but it’s a sturdy thing


2nd and desert.jpg
Further south is the project’s single most important roadway improvement: Turning 2nd at Desert Road from this death-waiting-to-happen curve/train track monstrosity…(note: photos below taken while standing at the red “X” here)


desert at 2nd 1
…into a good ‘ol t-intersection. Note the signal pole (wrapped in yellow) and fresh-poured pavement as we look up 2nd northbound.
desert at 2nd 2
Looking east on Desert, site of many a injurious/deadly crash, it’s quite fun to stand with all these jersey barriers for protection. 

If I recall correctly, the South Diversion bridge was supposed to be complete by now, so things might be running a bit slow. Still, these are exciting changes and cyclists/walkers are already out along the route in-progress. We at BBTUT will be back out here next month and pass along what we find, but it would be far more fun to check it out and pet the jersey barriers above for yourself.


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