Two Stroads, Two More Walking Deaths

Like a macabre greatest hits act playing the same tired old tunes at a casino, the latest two deaths to those trying to walk Burque roadways happened, again, on Central Avenue and Coors Boulevard. More precisely, the death on Central a few days ago was at Central and Mesilla, in the boxed area below. The death last night happened in the other boxed area below at Coors and Quail.

coors and central
From “High Fatal and Injury Network (HFIN)” map, Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments

It’s been known and reported, repeatedly, that the two boxed areas above account for far greater rates of pedestrian fatalities than the average in a city with far higher than average rates of pedestrian deaths overall. In a town notorious for such deaths, these “stroads” are the veritable killing fields.

The reasons for why this is the case are complicated and we as humans don’t like complicated. We also value convenience over everything else, hence our love for simple over complicated and getting somewhere fast without thinking too much over using roadways designed to keep all its users safe and alive.

So we build, maintain and put up with stroads lined with shops, restaurants and other destinations that are dangerous to drive to and deadly to walk. And we often have them go through low-income areas with higher rates of walking to/from these destinations. So what? It’s convenient for the ones who don’t crash, and fixing problems such as income inequality and roadway design is way complicated.

How about that Packers/Vikings game last night? I hear Eddie Money is playing 66 Casino on December 1st. Ya gonna go?

Two tickets to Paradise.


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