BBTUT Helps Zuni SE Become 100% Bike Friendly

The work is evident along Zuni SE in the International District, including the patient weekend re-positioning of orange barrels along Zuni SE’s eastbound bike lane. About 40 were in the right place in the gutter this morning, but there was a straggler:

zuni before

No problem at all for the Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT).

zuni after

Moving one is easy; thanks to crews for moving the other 39 or so. Yes, I know the rather non-ADA compliant sidewalk is quite sandy/gravelly. There’s always more to work on/improve.

BB still considers Zuni SE and its bike lanes the single best ABQ roadway improvement of the past decade. Try them out some time, if you haven’t already.



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