20 mph Resolution Moves on; Mayor Keller Signals Possible Adoption of Vision Zero

Albuquerque City Councilor Isaac Benton’s proposed “Downtown Safe Zone” (20 mph) passed its first hurdle by vote of 5-0 at last night’s meeting of Council Land Use, Planning and Zoning (LUPZ) Committee. The resolution now moves to the full Council.

No one spoke against the resolution in the brief period it was discussed prior to the LUPZ vote, and those speaking in favor included City Department of Municipal Development (Streets) Director Pat Montoya. His statement of support included reference to Vision Zero language in the resolution, noting that the City is currently discussing commitment to Vision Zero as City policy.

Long advocated by many transportation safety folks in town, Better Burque most definitely included, the comments of Safe Zone and Vision Zero support by Director Montoya and LUPZ vote were a doubleheader of good news last evening. Good things do take time, but perhaps significant changes in how our city prioritizes the safety of roadway users is coming about sooner rather than never.

As is part of the political parlance these days, Mayor Tim Keller alluded to these possibly policy shifts in a tweet earlier this week:

No argument here, Mayor Keller. No argument at all. Thanks to any and all moving toward safer roadways, Councilor Benton and Mayor Keller very definitely included.

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