The Two Ways to Look at Spruce/Silver Signage

spruce four-way

The more jaded and cynical among us might point out the ludicrously small amount of space “here to corner” in this photo taken last evening at the intersection of Spruce and Silver. Far more important and less cynically, note the brand-new stop sign on Spruce, making Spruce/Silver a four-way stop, and thus making the Silver Bike Boulevard much safer at this increasingly busy intersection (not to mention it’s now safer for walkers as well!)

Thanks to whoever is responsible for this long-needed improvement! We at Better Burque suspect the Department of Municipal Development and thus “call them out” for kudos on this! We could be wrong and encourage a correction on these thanks, if needed.

As for the more jaded and cynical, I fully expect to see you have illegally, and very deliberately, parked your Vespa in the space “here to corner” next time I ride the Silver Bike Boulevard here. Please don’t disappoint me.

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