Coors/Las Estancias: Where Walking Infrastructure is & Where it Isn’t

las estancias and the ped crossing

As update to this morning’s BB post and the story on KOB last night regarding how deadly it is to walk Coors Blvd., I went out to Coors/Las Estancias today to visually document the current situation:

  1. The red light at Las Estancias (circled) is still not operable;
  2. Just a stop sign (rectangled above) and a hearty “hope you survive turning left onto Coors” as has been in place for years now.
  3. GREAT walking signage and crosswalk in the foreground of this photo, however, where average traffic counts now are around 32 cars per day at around 10 mph v. Coors 24,000 a day at a posted 45 mph that is really closer to 55.
  4. More and more shops/medical facilities, etc. adding to the sprawltastic nature of this stretch of road around the Walmart Supercenter, including more great walking infrastructure (the sign says “SLOW Pedestrians and speed bumps ahead 15 mph”)

slow pedestrians.jpg

Still no speed bumps on Coors Boulevard at Las Estancias though. Nice to contemplate what it would be like to see speed bumps on Coors. From, say, Paseo del Norte all the way to I-25 five miles south of where these photos are taken.

In better news, the bus stop on Coors/Las Estancias pointed out in this BB story from last December has been removed, pending end to the bureaucratic SNAFU that has left the crosswalk/red light still unfinished. Kudos to ABQ Ride for eliminating this incentive to endanger one’s life trying to cross.

coors closer with LE bus stop
Now closed bus stop in a red square. Looking at the photos earlier and this somewhat dated Google birds’ eye, you get a sense of the rapid development filling in the dirt fields shown here. 

As to when that long-lasting SNAFU that has already led to several deaths along Coors at/near Rio Bravo will resolve, your guess is as good as mine, particularly if that guess is suitably cynical and bitter, considering how much time and inertia has been in place for years now.

Meanwhile, the shops keep coming, the drivers keep zooming, and the red light stays inoperable.




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