Taking Off to Portugal on Company Time

One of the greatest things about being a K-12 teacher is having Summers off. Don’t let any teacher tell you otherwise. Some teachers work during the Summer, and will tell you that it’s only to earn extra money because teachers are underpaid, but as a career teacher myself, I think it has more to do with teachers feeling guilty for having Summers off.

Personally, I never suffered from such guilt.

The only downside to having 11 weeks off for Summer (now it’s been whittled down to ten and, in some cases [horrors of horrors] even less) is that you can only go for month-long bicycle tours during Summer months, battling heat, tourists, higher travel prices, and heat (or Winter if you head further south).

Having now retired (sorta/kinda) your humble blogster is now freed up to frolic during “working months.” Like April and May, for instance. I head out tomorrow for a ~month-long tour of Portugal and perhaps a smidge of Spain.

I sense that I am possibly supposed to feel guilty about “admitting” this to you, beloved BB reader, but my substantial lack of human emotion extends beyond the whole “getting Summers off” guilt trip, well into a complete disregard for any guilt I am supposed to feel while cycling places like this:

Galician coast outside Vigo
Outside Vigo, Spain along the Galician coast in Summer, 2017

while you do like… work stuff.

If you makes you feel any better, I will have to do a bit of work myself during the trip, sandwiched between the daily bike jaunt, local delicacies, walks along beaches and Douro River hills, and the occasional vinho verde. Nothing is perfect. Still, the chance to spend good time outside the Summer months is pretty darn exciting to me, such that I don’t really know how much Better Burque blogging I’ll be doing the next month or so.

It is possible the “muse” will strike me to report from Portugal and such, and readers are, of course, encouraged to completely ignore such posts, ones likely to include exciting topics such as “It rained today,” “Why can’t it stop raining?” and “Maybe tomorrow it will not rain.” If so inclined, I promise to mainly just post photos and keep the bike tour OCD prose to a minimum.

While I’m gone, if you would be so kind as to utterly overthrow Albuquerque’s car-centric culture, convert all of Coors and Montgomery Boulevards to seemingly endless pedestrian malls, and construct a bike/ped tunnel under I-25 at Silver Blvd. connecting UNM to/from downtown, I would very much appreciate it. If you wish to write about such achievements at BB, throw me an email (they have email and associated technologies in Portugal, something that comes as a shock to many, including my mother) and I’ll be happy to post it in the growing chasm between posts here (except for those “from Portugal” posts I already warned you about.

Enjoy the month; I’m thinking I will, at least on days in which it is not raining (although it is actually fun to ride in the rain, at least until you stop and stand in a pension foyer dripping water all over the owner’s imported rug). Will sit on American soil to again post about this and that in a few weeks. Promise, even in Summer months.

Até mais tarde…

Portuguese petiscos (their version of tapas) and vinho verde, Aveiro 2017

2 thoughts on “Taking Off to Portugal on Company Time

  1. I have a question unrelated to this post but can’t find a place to just email you, so, sorry to mess with the blog format. I’m writing about e-bikes for the Albq Journal GO! Section and wondered if you talked about e-bikes in your blog — I did a quick search but am not a regular reader. Specifically, do you know if the City or Land Managers are discussing rules of e-bikes to differentiate them from motorized vehicles, which they currently fall under? Since they’re not really the same as a motorcycle, I know this is a topic among cyclists and as we see more e-bikes, maybe rules are changing. Thanks for any input. Please reply to my email directly, unless you want this on your blog.


  2. Cristina: I personally haven’t done much research or writing about e-bikes (readers who have are, of course, encouraged to chime in. I have heard discussions of possible rules regarding them being on multi-use paths and such, but nothing in the way of finalized city ordinances, etc. As is true with e-scooters, the biggest issue seems to be speed, and Parks & Rec might be putting in hard/fast speed limits or other measures on paths, but I don’t think that’s led to anything, yet. Same with actual legislation in terms of classifications of transport based on speeds, as has been done in some other cities.

    In terms of getting in touch with me/Better Burque, email anytime at betterburque@gmail.com

    Other readers? Any info to help out Cristina here?



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