Slow Rollin’ on Avenida Cesar Chavez, and Lovin’ It

After attending the monthly Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee meeting last afternoon/evening, I went to a far, far, far, ( multiplied by āˆž) more meaningful and important event, the June Slow Roll bicycle (and e-scooter and roller skate) ride hosted by the remarkable community organizing team at Slow Roll 505.

How wonderful was this event? And how meaningful the ride?

If you didn’t make it, there were around 100 folks, including plenty of families with young children, riding all types of non-motorized conveyance, coming from ALL parts of town, very much including the folks and parts of town not represented on things like the Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee, dominated as it is by old, White guys (your humble blogposter included).

And the most wonderful/meaningful aspect?

We rode Avenida Cesar Chavez over the train track bridge. Twice. Back. And. Forth.

With police escort front and back, we stopped traffic and rode bikes on a stretch of road no sane person would ride. Seven-year-olds were riding up the hill and over those tracks, encouraged by the adults who slowed down a bit to do so. Twice.

It was beautiful.

Here are some photos. Apologies my photo skills don’t properly relate the beautiful because: A. I’m not much of a photographer; B. I can’t take photos and ride simultaneously, even with police escort. Readers are encouraged to send in better pics and videos to add/replace those below.

sr 1

sr 2

sr 3

sr 4

sr 5

sr 8

sr 6
Going back up over the train tracks westbound; note vehicles backed-up in other direction as we had just stopped traffic eastbound for our first trip up and over the tracks.

HUGE kudos to the organizers of these philosophically restorative and community-inclusive rides, the next of which is scheduled for July 22.

Hope to see you there.


Update: Reader photo contributions!

sr 10

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