APD Safe Paths Meeting at North Diversion Channel Trail Friday Morning

Albuquerque Police Department is conducting a “Safe Paths” meeting this Friday morning with anyone concerned/interested in safety on our multi-use paths and trails. Here’s the info graphic from which BB will do a bit of walker/runner/cyclist translation below:

apd safe paths

Sponsored by BikeABQ, CABQ Parks & Recreation, and Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee, this great idea gives path/trail users the chance to directly bring concerns/observations/ideas/solutions to APD folks. Yes, it can be assumed some/much of the discussion will be about “the homeless problem,” particularly as the meeting is being held at Montgomery and the North Diversion Channel (NDC) Trail, but hopefully it will and can be about much else. Our attendance and input will determine that.

Speaking of the meeting’s location, “Bike path near 3200 Montgomery Blvd NE” in the info graphic above was obviously written by someone who doesn’t walk or bike much. Here’s what that means in bike/walk-speak:

NDC right before it goes under Montgomery from the south side.

Here’s a birds’ eye:

monty at ndc

I don’t head off from NDC here much, but it looks like there’s a worn path from the NDC to the gas station (location pinned above). That’s the meeting is evidently being held at a gas station says so very much about where we are and how far we need to go in terms of non-motorized transportation, but we walkers/runners/cyclists are used to it.

Deep location meaning aside, this is a truly great idea. The early morning start time of 6:00 should give the many daily NDC bike commuters a chance to stop by, and having it on Friday will be good for many others who don’t work Fridays, because…Friday. Success at this session could also lead to weekend meetings and other sessions at times more amenable for working folks.

I hope to make it out there this Friday and hope it’s just the first of many such sessions to come all over town. While “the homeless problem” is sure to be discussed, what other safety issues might you want to bring up at such a session, path/trail walker/runner/cyclist?



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