Today in Road Striping “What the Hell is That?” Mountain Road at/near 19th

Your humble blogposter has begun a new job (a case, literally, of The Who’s new boss/old boss idea), and has not had sufficient time this week to ride repeatedly to see updates on the various road striping jobs in progress around town.

If only riding a bike to observe road striping paid well and included benefits.

Anyway, a colleague did us all a favor and went out to take photos of the new striping on Mountain Road NW, a job extending from 12th west to Rio Grande Boulevard. Those photos are below, and while much of the work illustrated makes sense, I’m not quite getting this:

mountain 4

Now I haven’t been out there myself, but, if my eyes don’t deceive me, this is either:

  1. A slightly inadequate bike lane (in yellow for some reasons) squeezed between a driving lane (westbound) and a right-turn lane, or
  2. The world’s widest double yellow center-stripe that isn’t actually a continuous turn lane, or simply
  3. I honestly don’t know what the hell it is.

I think that’s a parking lane jutting out eastbound at one of the many swerves in this section of Mountain, but, again, I could very much be wrong about that. Readers are encouraged to:

  1. Pass along information on exactly what the hell is intended by this striping, or
  2. Submit funny captions to the photo above and photos below.
moutain 2.jpg
Okay, I’ll start, unimaginatively, the caption contest. No, seriously, what the Hell is that? 


mountain 3

mountain 1.jpg

A crucial aspect to this particular striping job is that this stretch of Mountain Rd. is a “Bicycle Boulevard” with a posted 18 mph speed limit (okay, stop laughing about that speed limit and the striping job should help “calm” traffic) on a hugely important east-west cycling connector route, “Bicycle Boulevard” or not.


A few weeks back, before striping started and the newly repaved street was “bare,” BB contemplated the benefits of simply not having any striping at all. These photos, again without having been there myself, have rekindled that contemplation.

I’m headed out there this weekend, but readers are highly encouraged to report their findings and funny captions before, during, and after the weekend.


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