More Good, Bad (Illegal), and Ugly (Legal but Hostile) ABQ Sidewalks

another good hydrant
Good! Coal Avenue just west of Girard. Hydrant and still-young trees also provide a physical buffer. This is very, very good!
tree unholed
Bad: Union Square St. SE and Gold Ave. Downtown. Note tree in hole, bricks cracking (presumably from tree), and complete “screw you walkers/rollers/legal system” attitude expressed here.
tree holes
Ugly: Swinging the camera around from the snap directly above, we see only “holes” in grates because the trees have been removed. While the distance from edge of hole to edge of the Union Square Building is technically more than 36 inches, rolling over the grate (and arguably even the bricks) violates ADA strictures on rolling surfaces. Notably, Union Square was remodeled in 1988, just prior to passage of ADA in 1990. Recently purchases by Ed Garcia as part of his growing Downtown presence, one hopes making this block “good” in terms of walk/rollability is planned.
legal but ugly
Here’s your free extra dose of ugly. Yeah, it’s wider than 36 inches between this lightpole and sign just north of the “Chevy on a Stick” at San Mateo and Gibson, but why couldn’t the sign be placed in the red brick (there’s that red brick, again). area? Walk/roll hostility that could be easily avoided here next to one of Burque’s most beloved public art installations. Well, at least I and a few other folks love it.

Your Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT) is currently debating whether tis best/most effective to report the bad and ugly via 311/SeeClickFix (as has been done in the Union Square case above) or via just taking snaps and showing them here. Right now, just showing there here seems to be winning the discussion. The City/others could really help this contention if it/they would just fix the stuff we display here within a week or two. That would be lovely.

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