New Mexico Sidewalk ADA Compliance is 15 Percent

From the 2019 New Mexico Department of Transportation ADA Transition Plan:

nmdot prowag stats
Only 10,759,040 feet of non-compliant public right-of-way sidewalk to go, New Mexico!


Curiously, the only report reference to the findings above is this:

The Self-Assessment inventory provides NMDOT a baseline of compliance/non-compliance with which to measure its progress through the implementation of this Transition Plan. As projects are completed, this data will be updated to directly translate progress as the Compliant Count totals increase and the Non-Compliant totals decrease.

One is comforted by this reference, knowing that the “Compliant Count totals” will very likely “rocket” from 15% to 20% over the next, probably, 25-50 years at the current rate.

Sorry, my New Year’s Resolution to be less sarcastic in 2020 is off to a bad start. Less sarcastically, perhaps each and every road improvement paid for during this oil & gas boom will include/demand work to significantly reduce the horrid numbers above.


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