Witness to Walking Death: The Story of Gabriel

Note: This is a tough one. If you’d rather keep things light and upbeat today, perhaps you should give this one a pass.

Reading every story surrounding the death of someone trying to walk our roadways sticks with you. Some, like the story below, are particularly haunting.

Via IPRA, BB is currently going through crash investigation reports for the 40 Albuquerque pedestrian fatalities in 2019. While collecting general data on overall numbers (e.g., percentage of hit-and-run incidents), I’ll also pass along some of the personal stories told through the understandably detached prose of police officers and investigators.

Below is the story of Gabriel. This past November, 13-year-old Gabriel witnessed…well, I’ll just let you read the very short officer report.

story of gabriel

I have thought much about Gabriel since first reading this officer’s report and other documents in this case. There’s so much horror contained in so little above, right down to Gabriel probably holding on to Alexis’ high-heeled shoes.

Alexis died in the crash. Jose and his male best friend survived.

Gabriel, he just saw it all.

Stay safe out there, everybody.





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