Victory Declared in Contest of “Crash” Not “Accident”

When you finally, finally get to the Friday of a difficult week, it’s important to hold tiny victories dear. Let’s close this damn week with a “win.”

It hasn’t taken quite as long as The Hundred Years War, and we’re certainly not celebrating the actual event described, but the Tweet below represents a tiny victory in a contest of word choice that’s been going on for some time:

Regular BB readers have been catching-and-correcting themselves using “accident” to describe traffic crashes for years now, as more and more of us begin to understand the subtly pernicious power of “accident” and the far greater accuracy of “crash.”

Several months ago, @BCSDSheriff, the Twitter account of the Bernalillo County Sherriff’s Office, made the switch, joining countless law enforcement agencies and departments of transportation nationwide. Heck, even stodgy Forbes magazine has published a good, long piece on the importance of using “crash.”

Until just days ago, there’s been only one local “accident” holdout: Albuquerque Police Department and its Twitter account @ABQTraffic.

But that seems to have changed:

apd crash

Kudos to any and all involved at APD/@ABQTraffic for making the switch, and plentiful #sorrynotsorry apologies for my months and months of reply/retweet comments chiding @ABQTraffic’s use of “accident.” Nobody is happy to see so many crashes, but it truly gladdens the heart of a transportation safety advocate to “win” after a week with very little gladness.

Let’s try to stay 100% crash-free out there this weekend, everybody.





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