Tactical Urbanism Reprise with Additional Enticing Consideration

The Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team – Social Distancing Squad (BBTUTSDS) came across another case of bad road construction sign placement, this time, AGAIN!!!, on Central Avenue westbound at the Rio Grande bridge.

central sign move before
Would be a shame to swerve around this sign into this SUV…

Earlier contact with the City indicated one reason for the placement above is the lack of a raised median wide enough to host the sign. Then we got thinking:

  1. There’s PLENTY of median in the photo above for such a sign.
  2. (hint) We’re talking Central Avenue.
  3. (Pause for you to think about it a second or two).
  4. That’s right, folks….

Put the offending sign in the currently 100% unused, untrafficked (legally) A.R.T. bus lane! Oodles of room! Hell, we could put Burma Shave signs running for miles in that bus lane presently.

Cheer up cyclists
The war is past
The “sign” is out
Of your lane
At last

But cooler, socially-distant BBTUTSDS minds prevailed. So…

central sign move after

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a sweeper, but a bit of debris is better than swerving into a SUV.

Stay safe out there, everybody.

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