Fewer NM Drivers in April, yet Even Higher Record Levels of Walking Deaths

The widely noted reduction in driving due to the COVID crisis might have contributed to a slight drop in New Mexico traffic fatalities last month:

tru april 2020 overall

But the number of those killed trying to walk our roadways continues to climb:

tru april 2020 category

38 deaths through April 2020 puts us on a pace for 114 pedestrian fatalities this year, a rate which, if continued, would statistically obliterate annual records going back to 1996.

NM Ped Fatalities 1996-2020 so far
Source: Annual/Monthly reports found here

We live in a time of multiple public health crises. Killed just trying to walk our roadways is definitely one of them, and one over which we have, or should have, far more control at present.


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