Zagster Shuts Down Pace Bike Share in Burque

An email just received:

Dear Scot,

The effects of COVID-19 on all our communities has been tragic. Sadly, the pandemic has also adversely impacted Zagster’s business, and we regret to inform you that we will be shutting down the Pace Albuquerque bikeshare effective immediately. It has been our sincere pleasure to have you as a customer and to provide bikeshare to thousands of riders over the years. We thank you for riding with us!

We have disabled rides and will be terminating all rider accounts effective immediately.  All bikes and stations will begin to be removed from your community this week.  If you have any further questions regarding your account, please reach out to

Your elected officials, community leaders, and city have been at the forefront of the micromobility movement—helping people move in smarter, cleaner ways. We have no doubt that they will continue to be part of this movement, and keep you riding into the future.

Thank you and happy riding,

The Pace Team

sawmill market opening
Bikes at newly opened Sawmill Market, March 11, 2020. We’re still quite some time from returning to scenes like this, and Pace Bikes won’t be there when it happens. Whither bike share in Burque?

One thought on “Zagster Shuts Down Pace Bike Share in Burque

  1. Sad news.. I would use them from time to time when I found myself somewhere far from Rapid Ride/Art, etc. I had hoped to see the system expanded one day to make it even more useful. Hopefully once treatments and potential vaccines are found and life and more truly return to normal, they can have a go at it again..


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