What was it Dickens wrote about “best of cycling infrastructure, worst of…”?

Every bike ride/day/life has highs and lows. You’re riding high in April, flat tire in May. There are at least another 3.7 million trite expressions/song lyrics one could alter, but let’s just get to this morning’s photos of the best and worst from yesterday’s bike ride:

downtown closed 1
Best: 3rd and Civic Plaza (Tijeras). Downtown remained largely closed to motor traffic yesterday. Reasons and faint “Active Streets Initiative” joke aside: It was glorious. 
central coors 2
Worst I: Central eastbound just west of Coors. Less than 3 feet of “bike lane” and it’s enveloped with another one of those damn “Road Word Ahead” signs. Yeah, cyclist person, you’re supposed to just swerve around the sign into that guy in the truck.


central at coors
Worst II: Or this guy in a truck. So many illegally placed road construction signs, so many guys in trucks. You can catch up with our latest 311/SeeClickFix report on such signs here. 

One thought on “What was it Dickens wrote about “best of cycling infrastructure, worst of…”?

  1. Downtown IS fun cycling right now! I took some pictures too this weekend. I ran into some cycle lanes with the signs *in* them. Can’t quite remember where. I will do a 311 app report next time. I didn’t think about it at the time. Thanks!


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