Someone actually designed this

“Umm, they’ll need a place to stand once they cross, right?”

By John Fleck

We’ve a new entrant in Better Burque’s search for the least pedestrian-friendly intersection in Albuquerque.

We give you the intersection of Coors and Paseo del Norte NE, which has a really nice sidewalk. Until it doesn’t.

Someone actually designed that little inset curb area you see, complete with Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant yellow thingie, apparently without pondering what seems a possibly useful follow-up question – where is the pedestrian who has just crossed the street, for whom you have just built this elaborate concrete landing pad, supposed to go next?

From that little bump out it is, by my calculation, 734 feet of dirt embankment to the next actual usable bit of sidewalk – 734 feet of what appears to be city-owned right-of-way along which someone apparently decided there was no need for additional sidewalk to get the poor lost pedestrian to safety.

As John and Paul put it, “Oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go.”

Don’t worry, though, we’ve got this:

“No worries, I’ve got wirecutters.”

My favorite part was the A+ work done by the tactical urbanists. The cut wire ends were neatly bent back so as not to scratch as I slipped through. That’s a quality neighborhood hack there. At least someone was thinking about the poor pedestrians’ safety.

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