Another look, another Coors @ Paseo crosswalk flub

After seeing John’s BB post yesterday, I checked out Streetview to get some historical perspective and views of other pedestrian crossings at Coors & Paseo del Norte. The intersection’s northwest quadrant caught my eye.

Note parking lot at right, edge of Paradise Hills Shopping Center. Yeah, there are plenty of places to shop, etc. right nearby, but as you’ll see below the shopping center has two fences protecting itself from walking shoppers.

Yup, same lousy “ADA” crossing with small concrete box with curbs on three sides plopped amid sand as shown here in April 2017:

Yes, people DO actually walk and use these facilities. As best they can.

But wait, it gets more infuriating…

Because going back to April 2015 we not only see an even worse crossing…

April 2015: That’s just sand
Yeah, just a dirt-filled break in the curb. The yellow pedestrian crossing signs look very official though, don’t they?

we come to realize that the current atrocity isn’t from the relative ancient past when Coors/Paseo was first built. No, this “improvement” is quite recent. From roughly four years ago.

Somebody, somebody knowledgeable and in charge of such things looked at the 2015 situation, decreed that it must be fixed, and designed/implemented this “fix”:

Yes. This is the “fix.” This is the improvement.

As John also mentioned yesterday, we’ve gotten in the habit of noticing holes and other manipulations in fences indicating significant pedestrian usage. Here’s a close-up of the first shopping center fence near the woeful crossing:

An already short fence is further shortened as seen in the red box. The second fence behind this is just poles and is thus easily maneuverable. Despite every apparent attempt by transportation engineers and the shopping center, walkers are using this crossing.

Given how recent the “fix” was implemented, there’s an excellent chance the NMDOT (or City, or both) decision-maker(s) responsible for this are still on the job. BB would love to talk with this person(s) and have them tell us why this “fix” is ADA, AASHTO, MUTCD-compliant and what must be the fascinating story of first discovering the initial inadequacy and then spending time, money, and energy designing and constructing this:

As the old ads used to say, “Better Burque operators are standing by.”

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