Most Important Bits of CABQ’s Vision Zero Action Plan

As you probably already know, City of Albuquerque released its first “Vision Zero Action Plan” a couple of weeks ago. I’m late to mentioning it here due to laziness, and, speaking of laziness, perhaps you’ve been hesitant to tackle something called a “Vision Zero Action Plan,” despite your personal interest in such things.

That’s understandable. “Vision Zero Action Plan,” like all such reports, has a most definite “time for a nap” ring to it. Still, it’s an important report signifying the advent of what could be a significant, long-lasting change in how our City designs and manages its transportation system. With both “nap” and that potential significance in mind, let’s distill the 52-page Plan into its single side-bar, way shorter than even an “Executive Summary,” essence. Here are the report findings in terms of how we might best reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries:

There. I’ve saved you a bunch of time, leaving, as you’ll notice, the chance to find this side-bar on page 14 of the Plan and finish the “Data + Transparency” section and much, much more.

Truth be told, my reluctance to bring up the plan previously has much to do with one unimportant and one important observation. Unimportantly, your humble blogger had an extremely infinitesimal role in putting the Plan together. Copy editing and that sort of thing. Far, far more importantly, it’s never the report/plan itself, it’s what advocates and decision-makers DO with the report/plan that matters.

As shared venue for discussion and action, I’ll both leave it to your interpretation of how well this Plan sets the discussion/action table, and watch anxiously to see how quickly and thoroughly advocates and decision-makers refer to the Plan in proposing/implementing changes to reduce traffic violence in our community.

There’s a Plan now. As the film director says: “Action!”

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