Big Sandies calls in the reinforcements


When last we saw the Big Sandies valiantly trying to hold the line against what we believe to be a green Corolla, the advantage seemed to lie with the Corolla. But Big Sandies are not called Big Sandies for nothing. (Actually they are called Big Sandies, we think, because they are big and filled with sand.)

You may recall the scene as the Corolla’s driver nudged their way through the Maginot Line, nay the Sicilian Defense, of Big Sandy, sneaking their way through from New York Avenue to the tacos and mediocre beer* of El Vado. It was the latest in a long series of attempts to block the gap above – we’ve had bollards and planters and Big Sandies and now this.

The folks at Highway Supply LLC have thrown their bodies (OK, one of their barricades) into the breach with some sort of barricade with flashing-capable lights and not one but four sandbags.

I’m sure this will settle things.

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