El Vado Update #7,331: Big Sandy v. Mr. Toyota

You knew it was inevitable, didn’t you?

In the ongoing life-size chess game between drivers at El Vado and attempts at stopping those drivers from navigating between it, Central Ave, and New York Avenue, BB recently showed you the latest attempt at blockage: “Big Sandy.”

At 2,100 lbs. each, that’s over four tons of sand-filled orange trash can proudly standing on-guard! Surely enough sandpower to thwart any driver in any vehicle! Most absolutely!!!

Well, maybe not.

A BB reader provides us with the following extremely recent photo-essay:

Once again this metaphorical “Maginot Line,” this “Sicilian Defense,” (gotta keep that chess analogy) of what has been bollards, planters, and now big sand-filled trash cans at El Vado has proven about as effective as the French in keeping out the Wehrmacht, only in this case the German war machine is driving what looks to be a green Toyota Corolla.

And yes, I am comparing drivers to Hitler here.

What’s next at El Vado? Surely Big Sandy will now be replaced by some other makeshift form of defense. There’s been talk, for quite some time, of providing El Vado parking across Central Avenue at the Botanic Gardens parking lot. That would be great, but one does wonder if Mr. Toyota here is likely to dig walking across the Mother Road when they obviously consider anything beyond seven feet a marathon hike.

Meanwhile, your move City & El Vado. Your move.

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