Proposed Downtown Rail Trail Open House This Evening

Ongoing discussion and public meetings on a new downtown “Rail Trail” continue with an open house tonight from 5:00 to 7:00 PM:

Your humble blogger doesn’t know too much about this project, yet, in part because he just got back from cycling a whole bunch of rail-to-trail paths through the Intermountain West. What I do know is that the downtown project isn’t a “rail-to-trail,” but a “rail trail,” as instead of converting old, unused rail routes, this downtown project proposes to combine a multi-use path with working rail lines.

In other words: BNSF will have to sign off on this project. At least as far as I know. Good luck with that, says anyone who has ever tried to work with BNSF on anything. Ever.

But perhaps that cynicism isn’t warranted in this case, and this evening’s open house might demonstrate why that isn’t the case. See you there.

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