Walkers/Rollers Love New Road Construction at 2nd and Woodward

Significant roadwork at 2nd and Woodward way down south has the intersection closed and looking like this:

Photo taken looking south while standing on 2nd Street at Woodward. It was great! Look ma, no drivers!

The intersection work is an important part of the Woodward section of the large and long-awaited Sunport/Woodward extension project.

I’ve added a little green rectangle to this map from BernCo “Current Projects” It outlines that little Bosque Path spur that goes from Path to 2nd St. at Woodward.

Earlier this week, here’s the scene looking north on 2nd. Just a bunch of construction workers’ parked vehicles.

Added benefit to passing walkers/cyclists: Porta-potties, probably provided by the porta-potty warehouse located just over that wall on the left.

Here’s another shot of the site, including one of the Tonka toys tearing the street all to hell:

If you look real close, you can just make out a bollard at the base of this Tonka toy’s cockpit. That bollard is at the mouth of the Bosque Path spur.

This work is very important on a number of levels:

  • 2nd and Woodward has long been a VERY dangerous intersection for all users;
  • Aligning Woodward through this project while extending Sunport across I-25 bridges far South Broadway/San Jose/Barelas to points east previously cut off by the interstate;
  • These improvements will include bike lanes, wide sidewalks, and other non-motorized user amenities; and,
  • Right now 2nd and Woodward is so safe that your humble blogger can stand on it to take photos.

Crossing 2nd from that little Bosque Path spur has always been supremely dangerous and nerve-wracking, yet traversing it earlier this week was a literal walk in the park construction site. One is tempted to ask that all construction work stop immediately at this point, forever, and just leave this intersection torn all to hell.

It’s pretty damn great right now. Check it out on your next Bosque walk/ride. And have a good weekend!

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