Outdoor Public Meeting Tonight at Tom Bolack Park

On what should be a *delightfully cool, damp early evening, CABQ Parks and Recreation is hosting an outdoor public meeting today at **Tom Bolack Dog Urban Forest Park from 6:00 to 7:00 PM to outline proposed improvements, including what looks to be a fascinating multi-use path extension to San Pedro Blvd.

Can’t find the link myself, but KOB’s Mike Anderson earlier posted the proposed MUP extension, one that importantly nudges the I-40 Trail east.

From purely a cycling perspective, while riding through the adjacent neighborhood is nice, the chance to ride directly through a larger, lovely dog park to/from San Pedro is even nicer. As for the San Pedro/Indian School intersection just south of bridge of I-40…that’s not quite as nice, but we’re sticking to the nice in this post.

And one thing that would be REALLY nice to include in the Bolack Park renovations would be more signs leading to the Park, e.g., along the approaches on Fair Heights Bike Boulevard, to let first-time users know just how great/important the Bolack path is for those trying to go east/west through Louisiana Blvd. and beyond.

Yeah, YOU KNOW the Park extends east to the underpass at Louisiana, and I KNOW, but…uh, not everybody knows. Wayfinding signs grow the number of people who know, which grows the number of users, which helps lead to further improvements, and so on and so on.

Apologies for being pedantic (nicely so, I hope), but Albuquerque seems to have never heard of the importance of non-motorized wayfinding. One wonders how many more walkers/rollers we would have by now if it did.

Meanwhile, perhaps I’ll see you at the public meeting this early evening amid the cool and damp, and maybe we’ll have to first find that umbrella long-lost in the bowels of our closet.

Wouldn’t that be great?!?

*In case of confusion, I’m quite sincere in thinking today’s weather is PERFECT for an outdoor public meeting. I’d prefer we had at least 100 such days a year, but, having lived in Seattle, not 250.

**I saved you a step and found you the Wiki page for Tom Bolack. You’re welcome.

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