City Finally Finishing A.R.T. Stop that Helped Kill a Man

The City’s unfinished A.R.T. bus stop instrumental in a 2020 death is finally being completed.

BB readers may remember our recent piece on the death of Mark Rivera, killed as he attempted to cross Central Avenue in December 2020. In that incidence, Mr. Rivera was crossing through the unfinished Albuquerque Rapid Transit stop west of San Pedro (shown below).

As readers will recall, the stop has had ADA-compliant ramps in place for some time, which Mr. Rivera used in his wheelchair to cross. The stop was, and has continued to be, unfinished, lacking crosswalk striping and any sort of HAWK or other signalization alerting drivers.

Now, only a few days after we wrote about the situation, City of Albuquerque is getting around to finishing the job:

“The ART station on Central and San Pedro has remained a concrete slab for a couple of years. Construction started on Monday to finish it and get it up and running. ‘So we’re planning on putting a canopy on it, making it operational, putting some electronics on it and our department of municipal development putting a HAWK signal so people can access that stop safely,’ Danny Holcomb, the transit director for the city.”

One, including the City of Albuquerque, might be tempted to use the expression, “better late than never” in response to this development, but as Mr. Rivera isn’t around to see/use the finished stop, it’s far more important to focus on making damn sure such roadway safety infrastructure is fully 100% in place Day One.

Every goddamn time.

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