Boy was Seven and Just Trying to Cross Central Ave at Tingley Blvd.

It’s been three weeks since we posted here and now I’m largely just posting an expletive-filled BB Tweet embed regarding the recent killing of a 7-year-old boy just trying to cross Central with his Dad after seeing the Albuquerque “River of Lights” parade.

I will work on both the regularity of my posts and my cursing. In fact, I hereby promise to write more often and fill a “Swear Jar” to the brim if we truly enact the Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and other “Es” needed to get us closer to the “Vision Zero” Mayor Keller and others proclaimed a few years back, instead of the backsliding rise in traffic violence we’ve actually experienced since Mayor Metal Head grandly proclaimed “Vision Zero.”

Not that it’s entirely Mayor Pantera Fan’s fault. The pandemic of traffic violence continues to rage throughout our patriotic United States of Lifted Trucks with a disregard of human life that is truly and morally staggering.

To get out one last curse to fill the “Swear Jar,” we in ABQ/USA are not nearly fucking Vision Zero at this point. And there’s a newly dead seven year-old to further prove it.

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