Feel Better About Your Day in Three Photos

If you’re like me, nothing makes you feel better than seeing some new roadway infrastructure that helps non-motorized travelers. As I’m feeling a bit under the weather (probably not THAT, but thanks for asking) today, I’ll lift all our spirits with some photos taken during lunchtime yesterday at my place of employment, Washington Middle School.

As is true in just about every case of roadway infrastructure, there’s a very long story here. And as we’re focusing on feeling better, we’ll eschew telling that story and just focus on the results. Look at that ADA ramp!
Drab in architecture but lively in spirit, that’s Washington Middle School on the right and our lovely new ramp to cross Park Ave.
Never thought about it before, but the main building at Washington Middle School is most definitely “Porta-potty Brown.” And yes, those crosswalk stripes are too skinny and will be replaced with standard size stripes shortly (I asked some of the crew during their lunch).

I always say: If newly-installed truncated domes don’t raise your spirits you might be dead. Keep the photos above in mind for the next time you’re feeling a bit down, mentally and/or physically. I plan to gaze upon them much as I recover from NOT THAT (most likely) today.

Big thanks to any and all folks who helped put a happy ending to the very long story that we are not telling you today.

One thought on “Feel Better About Your Day in Three Photos

  1. Most, if not all, of my neighborhood of Holiday Park (NE) got these the past couple of months. Other than the removal of some shrubbery, it’s awesome to see. Now for more protected bike infrastructure..


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