Concept of Wayfinding Finds ABQ/BernCo

I don’t know how many walking/cycling/rolling folks will see this sign in years to come:

Woodward and 2nd Street (note asphalt of new multi-user path heading east to William St.)

And it is only a sign, not a curb-separated two-way cycle track running along Menaul Blvd. or anything truly grand. Still, this sign informing users of how to get, in steps, to/from the ever-popular Bosque Path to/from East San Jose/South Broadway/Barelas is important.

Historically, CABQ and BernCo have done a very lousy job of informing new users of such infrastructure how to get from one “facility” (safe[r] route to walk/bike/roll) to another. They’ve also done a lousy job of connecting these facilities altogether. This sign and project helps correct decades of lousy.

I have an idea of who had made sure this sign became reality (and the one below), and while it’s a relatively small thing, I’m hugely thankful to that person/agency for doing so. It’s a happy sign, as is this one at 2nd Street and eastern terminus of that little spur from the Bosque Path:

Big truck and orange barrels in distance, as work is being finished up at the train tracks and Woodward

What makes me most joyful about these signs is the day, perhaps not that distant, where a family riding slowly down the Bosque Path sees this strange little path off to the side of the main path, notices a sign indicating “Williams St. Connector” (Note: There is no such sign at present. We gotta get a sign on the Bosque Path at this spur!) and follows it on toward their home in East San Jose/South Broadway/Barelas/etc., having never previously known one could safely travel so directly to their home.

That will be a very good, happy day.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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