That New Marquette Street Level Train Crossing

Sunday Morning Coming Down Marquette, 7.10.22

The first, relatively low-hanging fruit of the ambitious ABQ Rail Trail project is ready for your non-motorized use. It’s also for motorists, but there’s a delightful lack of driver access relative to those not in two-ton boxes, including the chance to grab a cup of coffee and shimmy through the “Marquette Notch” to/from 2nd Street:

Shimmy spot in red circle. I love these informal routes and how the new crossing incorporates this notch.

Sure, the Marquette crossing has much to do with that cup of coffee and other economic development interests, but it also makes it dramatically more comfortable to walk/cycle/roll to/from Martineztown and Downtown.

Thumbs up, City o’ ABQ!

Note: Way back in the 1910s, serious consideration was given to an at-grade (street level) rail crossing at Central Ave. That never happened, of course, and that’s a real shame.

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