E-Bike Thoughts on Coal Ave. Eastbound

Was cycling this turn the other day, you know the one, from Edith eastbound up the “East Mesa” on Coal to I-25.

So, I make the turn and start puffing my way up the hill. A few seconds into my puff, a young woman passes me on an e-cargo bike. It’s not loaded, but I know how heavy it is, even unloaded.

She floats by me like Pogacar at a time trial. E-A-S-I-L-Y. She’s having a lot more fun than I am, too.

E-bikes are game changers everywhere. Nowhere more so than Coal Ave. and the other hills (Indian School, MLK, Cesar Chavez if you’re up for insane) up from downtown through I-25.

Now if we could only match the e-bike game changer with a fundamental change in how safely one can ride a bike up that hill above and others like it.

How many folks would e-bike commute to/from downtown then?

2 thoughts on “E-Bike Thoughts on Coal Ave. Eastbound

  1. Jrfleck: I think your use of would/will, when/have had are the same verbs we’re all gonna use when it comes to e-bikes, if you know what I mean. Not matter of if, but when. Maybe I can hold out long enough for the fully solar-powered version (is there already one?) – Scot


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