“Special Event” Means No Sidewalk

Yesterday, Sunday morning, at the eastern end of the bridge that was called Bridge and is now Dolores Huerta/Cesar Chavez Blvd.

Well, isn’t this “special”?

The “Special Event Ahead” was some sort of reception area in the National Hispanic Cultural Center parking lot for a running event. I don’t know much about that “special” event, other than this sign is improperly placed on a very popular sidewalk.

In addition to its role in helping walkers/rollers cross the Rio Grande, this particular stretch of sidewalk is made more popular by the state of that “bike lane” you also see in the photo above. Yeah, that’s supposed to be a bike lane. Hell, that “bike lane” is part of the infamous 50-Mile Activity Loop and is/was supposed to draw recreationist from around the world to ride “bike lanes” like this one. One “funny” thing about this particular instance is that the crews didn’t put the sign in the bike lane, as very often happens, because, well…

Come, bike riders from around the world and gaze in wondrous astonishment at our incredible bike lanes!

Dear City of Albuquerque/Bernalillo County/State of New Mexico (this bridge is one of those maddening “multi-jurisdictional” roadways): Stop making it hard to impossible to use sidewalks by putting signs like this smack-dab in the middle of them. We all know you put the signs there because you’re afraid drivers will obliterate them if placed in/on, for example, raised medians. Oh, and look, there happens to be such a median at precisely this spot!

Note we can put “landscaping” rocks in that median, but not roadway signs

We all also know the even bigger reason city/county/state keeps having road crews place such signs on sidewalks. They don’t care about users of sidewalks.

They just don’t care.

They demonstrate that time, and time, and time, again.

Stop it, city/county/state. Stop.

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