Wayfinding in Las Cruces

Spotted the scene below this weekend in a Las Cruces semi-industrial park area near the old train station. No, there’s sidewalk on this side of the street, and no there’s no bike lane. But there is this “To Armijo Lateral” sign. And this sign helped me, a tourist cycling through semi-industrial park areas of Las Cruces, get from one nice stretch of bikeway to another.

And I bet, regardless of how long this sign has been up, that I am one of the first five cyclists tourist ever to benefit from “To Armijo Lateral,” given the semi-industrial park nature of the surroundings.

Thanks much to whoever went to the advocacy trouble to get “To Armijo Lateral” installed. Meanwhile, maybe somebody could get to work on a network of such wayfinding signs here in Burque, even in the semi-industrial park areas. Or even one such sign.

Somebody should do that. Anybody?

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