Public Meeting Tonight: Connecting Bosque Path to Valle del Oro

A public meeting will be held tonight at Mountain View Community Center, 201 Prosperity Ave. S.E., in Albuquerque’s South Valley to discuss bike/ped and motoring improvements between the southern extension of the Paseo del Bosque Trail (aka: Bosque Path) and the newly established Valle del Oro Wildlife Refuge.

Currently, 2nd St. which connects the two, is a highly dangerous roadway for any type of user, including the notorious intersection below at Desert Rd.:


This intersection is especially dangerous, as Desert is the only way to get from 2nd to Broadway/47 south of Rio Bravo Boulevard.

Since designation, Valle del Oro has been included in discussions of roadway improvements as far north as the proposed Sunport extension/Woodward improvements and federal funding tied to such a designation is certainly playing a role in allowing for action at long-time hazards such as the intersection above.  Details of the proposed $12.5 million in improvements, which include a multi-use trail along 2nd St., can be found at this Bernco webpage.

Meeting details and contact info on the meeting are:

2nd Street SW flyer_Page_1

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