Update: NM-550 Improvements Through Bernalillo

Two days back, Better Burque passed along the Journal story concerning a public meeting held on proposed improvements of NM-550 from NM-313 to NM-528.

Contact with NMDOT has provided a website for the project, one which includes a PowerPoint presented at the February 18th public meeting. Here are cross-sections from that presentation of how 550 is proposed to look West and East of the Rio Grande bridge.




Ergo, three driving lanes and six-feet of bike lane in both directions seems to be the plan on both sides of the River. Note the slight narrowing of driving lanes East. Also, the presentation mentions that renovating the Rio Grande bridge itself is a “next step.” More information is being sought on that, including whether cyclists on 550 will still be forced to go from the safety of a 6 ft. bike lane to a risky River crossing and back to safety again as they make their way to Jemez Dam Rd and onward.



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