Downtown Burque’s Homage to Christo, Jeanne-Claude and Speck (Jeff, Not Richard)

In response to urban planner/designer Jeff Speck’s walkability analysis of downtown Albuquerque, the City has put up four-way stops along Silver and points nearby, soon to replace the existing signals. The work crudely reminds one of art installed by the environmental artist team of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Below is a short photo essay documenting the current state of this art/traffic design mash-up. The trash bags are apparently scheduled to be removed quite soon, so you’ll want to personally check out this world-referencing art exhibit as soon as you can.


#1: Sanitized For Your Protection (8th and Coal)


#2: 8-way Stop (8th and Lead)


#3: Obscure Frank Sinatra Reference (8th and Silver)


#4: Death to an Already Dead Bike Boulevard That Just Doesn’t Know it Yet (6th and Silver)


#5: Cyclists Are Taking Over the World and You Can’t Stop Them – until the trash bag is taken off the sign (5th and Silver)


#6: Why Was There Ever a Red Light Here? (4th and Silver)


#7: Christo Meets Jesucristo (4th and Silver)

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