How to Ride Across Albuquerque’s North Side: Paseo

Note: Today’s piece is contributed by local cyclist Ed Gerety. If you’d like to become a Better Burque contributor, please do not hesitate in any way, shape or form by sending an email, and/or finished piece ready to go,  to BetterBurque at Gmail. 

This bike route crosses the north side of Albuquerque, from Coors to Tramway. It runs along separated bike trails and a couple of short sections of quiet streets with little traffic. Here’s a description with links to maps. It’s pleasant riding, but a bit hard to figure out in a couple of sections, so the maps are useful.

The I-25 crossing is on a bike path so there’s no mixing with automobiles.

Map: Coors to Tramway: Paseo/South Domingo Baca/Pino

One end of this trail is on the east side of Coors Blvd, just south of its intersection with Paseo del Norte. The trail crosses Albuquerque on the north side. It’s a marked and separated bike path everywhere except for a couple of places.  Most of those are quiet, residential streets.  There’s a nice, separated trail all the way from Coors and Paseo till the North Diversion Channel.  At the diversion channel, the path disappears and you have to ride on the street for a while.

Map: Diversion Channel across I-25 to South Domingo Baca Trail

  • At the diversion channel, turn onto El Pueblo and ride the street for about half a mile to where the trail picks up again. This is a short section riding on a street. The junctions with El Pueblo could use some signage and the street could use some Sharrows or striped lanes in this section.
  • The trail runs south on Jefferson and starts the long and winding path through the Jefferson/I-25 intersection. The path is completely separated from the roads except for a very short section on Headline, which is a quiet street through an office park.
  • This section of the trail will take you across I-25 on a good bike path. Once you’re over the bridge, turn right immediately after crossing the I-25 exit ramps and pick up another section of bike trail.
  • The trail turns east again by the Ashley Home Store, crosses the access road and runs behind Target and picks up a water diversion arroyo. This is the South Domingo Baca Arroyo Trail.
  • Follow the arroyo trail to Wyoming, jog north to the other side of the ditch and continue to Barstow.

Map: Path across the uncompleted section of South Domingo Baca Trail, Barstow to Ventura

The trail along the ditch hasn’t been completed between Barstow and Ventura. There’s room next to the ditch, but it’s fenced off, overgrown and impassable.

  • At Barstow, jog north and take Liberty Drive to Ventura
  • At Ventura, jog south and pick up the arroyo trail again on the south side of the ditch. The trail continues to Holbrook, where it stops. The trail hasn’t been completed to Eubank. It continues as a dirt hiking/mountain bike trail to Eubank.

Map: Path from the eastern end of South Domingo Baca Trail to Tramway Blvd.

  • To avoid the dirt, turn right on Holbrook and go half a block to San Francisco Rd.
  • Turn east on San Francisco Rd and go to Eubank.
  • At Eubank, jog north one block to Pino Ave.
  • Turn right on Pino and follow it to Tramway.

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