Gas Tax Hike Fever: Catch It!

by Scot

nero canada

While New Mexico’s Governor Nero fiddles about unnecessary furloughs and metaphorically continues to fling gubernatorial beer bottles out the 5th Floor window of the Eldorado Hotel, other states are getting to work toward solving solvency and infrastructure problems.

Gas Tax Hike Fever (GTHF) has reached epidemic proportions all over the country, including a diverse group of states:

  • California (naturally, they are socialists)
  • Indiana (oh wait, didn’t they go Trump like 66/33?)
  • Montana (hmmm)
  • and now, Alabama, yes Alabama, is strongly considering it. A-L-A-B-A-M-A

The list of possibilities also includes “red” states like Louisiana, and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin argues it’s “immoral” to not raise gas taxes to close that state’s budget gap.

Yes, I am in actual agreement with Governor Mary Fallin. Is that a pig I see flying amid the clouds and rain this Burque morn’?



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