Lisbon Metro Art 6.8.17

IMG_1924Stairwell at Campo Grande Station, near  where Sporting Lisbon plays its home games.

IMG_1930Did I mention these photos were taken by a non-professional?


IMG_1928Stations near universities get more abstract and academic art.


IMG_1932Probably my favorite so far. I don’t recall which station this is.


IMG_1933Lack of photographic talent, and garish lighting, make it impossible to properly capture these lovely green tiles.


IMG_1931Okay, I take that back. This is my favorite, so far. The line drawings are found at several stations, some apparently done by graffiti artists in homage/parody of the originals.


IMG_1929I’d like to think I paid each of these Metro riders to look away while taking this one. On the Yellow line to Rato Station.

Roughly 47 hours and counting until I leave Lisbon to start the bicycle tour. The city’s hills have helped get the legs ready. Another day or so of subways and films at the Cinematic Museum, where a month-long Elaine May/Warren Beatty retrospective is being held, and then it’s off to Sintra for Day One of Official Bike Touring.

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