Gravel-Covered Sidewalks, Introversion and Better Burque: A Meta “Analysis”

by Scot

Every once in a fairly great while, the work and topics brought up here at Better Burque garner some “traction” and we get quite a few more “clicks” on the site. Then things die down, inevitably, and we return to our day-to-day generally sleepy town blog existence, continuing to ponder how Albuquerque can be a better place for moving people around, for a small, yet oh-so-wonderfully dedicated, readership.

We’re currently in one of those higher traction times, and that’s fine and good. We’ll get back to sleep soon. As you may know, and might only be here because of it, Mike Bevilacqua at published an essay yesterday about the ugly new bike lane on Girard Blvd., linking back to that fabulous John Fleck photo of said ugly lane. It’s such a great and ugly photo, here it is one more time:

girard near marble

Then due in part to a short piece on the new I-40 Trail extension from Unser to Arroyo Vista/98th St. earlier this week, yours truly is going to talk with some TV folks this morning at what is now the unfortunately engineered Trail crossing of Unser Blvd. to talk over what might be done about it.

Honestly, your humble blogger is of two quite disparate minds about these higher profile interactions between Better Burque, myself and what I’ll just call “the World.”

On one hand, I am such an introverted person that I could almost certainly pull off a blog on the subject of shyness far, far better than one examining how to better move people around in Albuquerque.

Infinitely better. So much better that I don’t really want to talk about it. That’s how much better.

On the other hand, these topics rather desperately need to be raised, discussed and debated. They also need to be heard from new perspectives that challenge the 100% car-centric viewpoint which has led to our city looking like it does when it comes to moving people around town.

A car-centric viewpoint that most definitely is on display at Girard Blvd. and the I-40 Trail at Unser Blvd. Somebody has got to do it, I guess, even if I quite often do it badly (e.g., the probable outcome of talking to these TV folks this morning).

Another good example of what happens if we don’t raise, discuss and debate these topics is also good analogy for the situation at Unser Boulevard. Ever time I ride over it, I take a photo of the sidewalk next to the Walmart at Coors and Ouray, a sidewalk that has become a widely ridden de facto “bike facility” to get from the Gail Ryba bridge to the I-40 Trail.


Why many of us ride over this gravel, on a sidewalk, to connect Gail Ryba to the I-40 Trail somewhat encapsulates both Better Burque and why my personal nearly limitless introversion is outweighed by, well, by the gravel-covered sidewalk you see above.

Getting through the gravel, so to speak, is worth it.

At least that’s what I am going to repeatedly tell myself as I ride to the little TV shindig this morning at Unser Blvd. I think I’ll ride through this gravel to remind me of that, one more time.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!




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