Very Short Tour of the I-40 Trail Western Extension

Road tires be damned, I rode my very road-bike Colnago out on the under-construction section of I-40 Trail Western Extension between Unser and Arroyo Vista (AKA: 98th St.) yesterday.


Here we are coming up to the new AMAFCA “Volcano” just east of Arroyo Vista. Just enough grip here to ride the Colgi without too much trouble.

Here’s looking back down the old volcano flow, so to speak…


It appears this south side will remain unpaved, with the actual Extension on the northside (note fencing between path and arroyo). Either way, kudos to AMAFCA, CABQ Parks & Recreation, and anybody else responsible for this extension. It’s fun.

On a less positive note, crossing Unser to get on the Extension is not fun. A lack of signage, general confusion and vehicular mayhem at its “I’m at the Interstate, Goddammit!!!1!!” height make this crossing quite unfriendly.

We’ll work on that.


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