Lead Ave. & I-25: A Review of Its Bike/Ped Future in Two Parts: Part I

By Scot

A graphic, blurb, and another graphic this morning before expanding on what “it all means” later today.

Below is a visual detail from the 2016 South I-25 Corridor Study, a NMDOT-commissioned consultant look into the future of I-25 from I-40 to the Broadway exit south of town:

I-25 Study Lead Cycle Track

See that dark red line segment running between the two frontage roads? Here’s the explanation of that red line segment from the study:

The Lead Avenue interchange will be improved to provide a westbound on-street bicycle lane, 10-foot sidewalks buffered on the south side by a landscape strip and by a cycle track on the north side. The cycle track provides connectivity of the Silver Avenue Bike Boulevard across I-25.

Overall, the Study took the 2040 Long Range Bikeways System Map that results from the recommendations of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO). Here’s a detail from that System Map found in the I-25 Study:

2040 bikeways from I-25 Study

Confused and overwhelmed yet? There’s much to take in concerning the above. Being a bona fide, but out of practice, professional educator I’ll just leave this up today, let you study it for a bit, before coming back later tonight with a scintillating lecture and “*the answer.”

Happy studying! Yes this will be on the Final!


*Spoiler Alert: I will not have anything close to “the answer.” Also, “scintillating” might be a poor choice of words.

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